We grow a full line of organic sprouts as well as a selected variety of conventional sprouts.   We package our crunchy greens in retail and bulk food service packaging (for selected varieties). Our sprout blends offer an easy way to mix up flavors, colors, and textures. 


Products include, but are not limited to the following: 

Organic Alfalfa 

Organic Clover

Organic Broccoli 

Organic Radish 

Organic Mixed Bean Snack 

Organic Sprout Salad 

Organic Alfalfa-Broccoli 

Organic Alfalfa-Clover 

Gourmet Onion Sprouts 

Retail Packaged Sprouting Seed (for home growing) 

And more 

Selected varieties are also available in bulk packaging. 

Please contact your local wholesaler and inquire about our products or email us directly and we'll find a way to you!