Banner Mountain Sprouts began in the humble garage of our founding sprout lover in the city of Banner Mountain, CA.  We are the oldest sprout grower in the state of California, if not the nation.   Word spread fast.  The knowledge of the health benefits of these little crunchy greens grew and the demand for sprouts began our journey of becoming Banner Mountain Sprouts, Inc., from the heart of California, Sacramento. Since 1982, we have been providing sprouts to the Northern California region.  We are a family grower, local, certified organic and dedicated to continue doing what we do best. 

Food Safety 

Providing a product that is safe for our valued consumers is priority for us.  Banner Mountain Sprouts is GFSI certified (Global Food Safety Initiative) with SQF (Safe Quality Food).  We operate within our comprehensive food safety regime to ensure our products are handled and controlled safely and effectively.  We grow and handle our food under good manufacturing practices and in line with our extensive food safety system from start to finish.  We source seed only from our trusted and approved long-term seed suppliers.  All seed is sanitized and rinsed before being planted and all finished products undergo testing prior to being released.  All ingredients and products are controlled and handled at one facility under the same management, same team, and same system.  There is an incredible value in working as a family grower. From our family to yours, we strive towards a brand that can be trusted and growing food that promotes the well being of our consumers. 


We grow our sprouts to order to produce the freshest sprouts possible.  Our sprouts are hydroponically grown indoor all year round.  They are grown in fresh potable water without any radiation, chemicals, or pesticides.  Upon harvest, they are rinsed in potable water and packaged straight from our facility to your local wholesaler.  



Look for our pastel colored labels in your local retail store! For those of you who have been alongside us, we truly thank you for your patronage and appreciation for sprouts.